Are we all brainwashed? Or have we lost our minds? The History of Subliminal Messaging in America
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Santa Cruz Sentinel Feature Story on Doc. and Local Screening - Dec. 15, 2011

"Project Censored" with Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips - interview with filmmaker - Oct. 28, 2011

Berkeley, CA - NPR radio broadcast on KPFA 94.1 FM discussing the SF theatrical release of the documentary.


"Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory - Filmmaker
Jeff Warrick, (Guest, 2nd Hour) - Aug. 11, 2011

"Subliminal Messaging" - In this National radio broadcast, Jeff talks with George about what he's learned in this field over the last seven years while making the feature documentary "PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" (Opens theatrically in NYC on Aug. 19).

Moviemaker Magazine Feature Story on "PTN?" the Documentary - Aug. 17, 2011

DIRECTING: "Jeff Warrick is Programming the Nation?" - Mockumentary turns to documentary over the course of several years.

WBAI - Pacifica Radio, New York City, Interview with Filmmaker on "Wake Up Call" - Aug. 18, 2011

Host, Ester Armah and Director, Jeff Warrick on "Art in the Apple" segment, discuss various topics addressed in the film and the NYC opening.

Tribeca Film Blog Post / Newsletter Article on "PTN?" and the NYC Theatrical Release - Aug. 15, 2011

A Modernized "David and Goliath" Story: asked filmmaker, Jeff Warrick, (founder of Ignite Productions), to tell them about his new documentary..

IndieWire's Online Feature and Exclusive "Shared Scene" from the Director - August 17, 2011

In My Own Words: Jeff Warrick Shares a Scene From "Programming The Nation?" - Article and Streaming Clip from the film.

Filmmaker, Jeff Warrick on Santa Cruz Community Television Talk Show - December 15, 2010

Moriah Fey, host of , "A Beautiful Life", interviews Jeff to discuss the upcoming release and issues addressed in his feature documentary.

Radio Interview with Director, Jeff Warrick on "Live From Seattle" with Doug Bursh - June 4, 2010

Christian Talk with Doug Bursh speaks with Jeff about the Seattle True Independent Film Festival Screening of the film on Talk 820 AM KGNW.

Official Selection - Seattle True Independent Film Festival - April 18, 2010

"Programming The Nation?" has been selected to appear at the upcoming Seattle True Independent Film Festival on June 8, 2010. Filmmaker Jeff Warrick and Interviewee Dr. Eldon Taylor will both be in attendance for Q&A following the film. The screening will take place at 7:00 p.m. at Northwest Film Forum - 1515 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122.

"PTN?" Finalist in IndieGoGo's Pitch Camp at AFCI Locations Trade Show, Santa Monica, CA - April 9, 2010

"Programming The Nation?" and filmmaker Jeff Warrick were selected as one of five finalist to present at Pitch Camp at AFCI Trade Show in Santa Monica, CA on April 15. Jeff will present a five minute pitch before a panel of judges from Warner Bros., Film Independent, Lions Gate, (amongst others), and a crowd of approx. 400 during the event. Online Announcement Here.

Radio Interview with Jeff Warrick on Steve Roehm's "Everything Unconscious" - January 4, 2010

Host Steve Roehm, MHt. from Nashville Hypnosis, speaks with Jeff about topics in the film ranging from subliminal advertising, subliminal anti-theft devices in department stores, and subliminal government and military techniques. Visit Steve's blog and website Everything Unconsicous for more information about him and the show. Or go to Spirit Quest Radio.

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National Television Interview with Jeff Warrick on Matrix TV News Network - June 24, 2009

Host Kate Mucci shows three clips from "PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" and speaks with writer / producer / director, Jeff Warrick, about the film and other topics such as subliminal advertising, the Ozzy Ozbourne and Judas Priest subliminal suicide cases from the 1980's and 1990's, and political mind manipulation from such de-classified projects as MK Ultra to modern Psychological Operations tactics which include subliminal technology.

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