Are we all brainwashed? Or have we lost our minds? The History of Subliminal Messging in America
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Join the campaign to increase media literacy and raise social awareness regarding corporate advertising and government propaganda tactics being used today. Host a screening of "PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" in your own community, and we'll work with you to create a licensing strategy that is cost effective based on the size of your event. Whether its for a theater, campus, university, library, community group, coffee house, or living room. We'll provide the DVD's, marketing materials, additional outreach, and more!

To HOST A SCREENING, Please send us an email or call (831) 247-0729 with your thoughts and ideas abbout the type of screening you'd like to hold, and we'll work with you to develop a game plan and set it up. Also, let us know which of the following screening options below most matches the one you'd like to host.

Home Screenings:
Host a house party screening
1 - 20 people (no charge)

Admission-Free Screeningwarfield marquee
Host between 20 to 100 people

Admission Fundraiser Screening
Up to 100 people
(one screening)

Admission Fundraiser Screening
101 to 300 people
(one screening)

College Screenings:
In-classroom screening
(mulit. screenings)

Large College Screenings
more than 400 people.

Cinema Screening:
Charged Admission at a Theatre.

You can also turn your screening into a "Special Event." by requesting the filmmaker or interviewee(s) attend as a guest lecturer and/or to take Q&A after the show - ask for details.

Also, ask us about the possibility of providing DVD's (at cost), to sell at your screenings. This can be a great way to raise additional funds, or cut out of pocket screening expenses.

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